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We have closed our Retail store location due to increases in building rent.
We will still be operating & taking orders thru our website & we will be
selling at area flea markets and hamfest, until we find a suitable location.  If you need repairs,
then email us as:  sales@dx-electronics.com & we will advise you where to send
your equipment for repairs.

Service and Quality are #1

New Product - Bongo Ties are great for holding Coax, Cables, Almost anything..
$5.00/10pk - 4 or more packs receive FREE shipping!
Bongo Ties
$5.00/10pk - 4 or more packs receive FREE shipping!
Thanks & we appreciate your business!

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Jumpers - Mounts - Speakers

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Used Ham Radio Gear


We are South Georgia's only Jo Gunn Dealer



Jetstream Check out these affordable antenna's, power supplies & more!

PL connectors, Texas Star Parts, DC Power Cable & Misc. Items


Chrome/Diamond Radio

  Smooth or Diamond Finish Radio Covers: $24.95/ea
Chrome RK56 Mic Covers: $14.95/ea
Chrome 5MM Bracket Knobs: $1.75/pair
We have various American Flag & Confederate Stick-On Faceplates
We have many faceplates to choose from for: $12.95/ea

E-Mail : sales@dx-electronics.com

C.B. Mobile Antennas , C.B. Microphones ,
  Power Supplies

  Orders are shipped UPS & US Postal
At DX Electronics we will not sell
Refurbs, as we only sell quality New Products!

"We DO NOT sell CB Linear Amplifiers"


Internet Orders usually ship within 48 hrs, some items are drop shipped from the
factory or the distributor & may take longer.

E-Mail : sales@dx-electronics.com

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Customers in Georgia must pay 7% Sales Tax!!!
Shipping, handling, & insurance charges are additional.
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